Wellness & Yoga Centre

Em and Jaqui - The Wellness Centre at Jordans Courtyard

Meet Jacqui and Em from the Jordans Courtyard Wellness Centre.

The idea of a wellness and yoga centre local to Ilminster, Somerset, developed from a seed of an idea between sisters in law, Jacqui and Em, a few years ago.

Em is a local GP who has lived and worked in the area for nearly 20 years.  She has a keen interest in preventative health and promoting the benefits of physical activity.  She has previously spent several years as a Public Health England Physical Activity Champion spreading the message amongst professionals that activity is good for health.  She has long felt that if she encouraged people to spend a little time focusing on themselves, it can improve their general health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally.  She can often be found running “the back track to Chard” or walking the dogs around the farm, enjoying the local countryside.

Jacqui is a lawyer, who has recently moved to Somerset, having previously lived in London, then for many years in Asia and more recently in Cheltenham.  In Asia she experienced first hand the physical and mental benefits of regular yoga practice and a culture of being kind to yourself.  There was nowhere locally that offered this experience and she often had to travel miles or was being turned away due to sessions being full.  She is a self confessed spa junkie and believes we all deserve some peace and quiet.  She can often be found sampling the latest spa experiences and newest innovations to bring back to put into practice at Jordans Courtyard. 

Together Em and Jacqui wanted to offer a curated experience for your precious time, along with the affordability to make it as accessible as possible for all.

It is from here that the wellness centre was born.  With Jacqui guiding the spa rooms and developing the tranquil heritage barns for a perfect pampering experience and Em ensuring that the activities and treatments all have a good quality evidence base, Jordans Courtyard Wellness and Yoga Centre is a truly special place.  Whether you pop in occasionally for a treat or come in regularly for class, you can be sure that however you feel coming in, you will leave feeling better.

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