Workshops and Special Sessions

We are pleased to present below a list of all our up coming workshops and special sessions in Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi.  To book tickets for a workshop – click on the mindbody link on this page and then click on enrollments to find a list of all the workshops, then choose the one you fancy.  Alternatively ring us and we can take payment over the phone.

**Jordans Courtyard receives daily updates from Public Health England on the Coronavirus. We are providing sanitiser and asking all customers to wash their hands before using the Yoga Barn. We also steam clean all our yoga mats. We suggest you bring your own equipment if you have any concerns.**

All our £35 workshops include a vegan/gluten free snack and fresh ginger/mint tea by Kitchen.

14th March -12.00 -15.00 “Using Yoga to Support the Immune System” Iyengar Yoga workshop –Hannah– £35

Yoga helps the whole body, but our practice can be sequenced in specific ways to focus its effects on particular organs and systems. This workshop explores the poses, sequences and methods which support the immune system. With intelligent sequencing, we can improve the condition of the lungs and respiratory tract, stimulate the lymphatic system and increase the flow of oxygenated blood.  The inverted postures and forward bends condition the sinuses, easing congestion and strengthening the respiratory tissues, and assist in draining the lungs. We will look at ways of supporting our bodies to help us hold these poses for longer, and working with people who are less familiar with the poses.  All chronic respiratory conditions are linked to a weakened immune response, which itself is often linked to poor breathing habits. Pranayama has profound benefits for the immune system and helps to diminish the stress response and re-establish healthy breathing patterns.  Ultimately, Yoga ‘works’ on everything and its effects on the hormonal systems of the body help us to regulate all our responses to external stimuli, both mental and physical.

28th March – 13.30 – 16.00 Soothing Saturday Yoga workshop – Zoe – £35

Back by popular demand!  Enjoy a nurturing workshop which will help your body and mind slow down and release the stresses and strain of your week. You will be guided through slow flowing yoga sequences, incorporating calming breathing techniques which will encourage tense muscles to unravel. Once warmed up we will take time to sink into restorative yoga poses, where your body will be supported with props allowing the muscles to further uncoil and let go of any remaining tension.
Then we will still the waves of the mind with a blissful yoga nidra, a guided yogic sleep, which will leave you feeling calm and rested. To ensure you transition smoothly back to the real world, we will finish this workshop with tea and cake.  The last Soothing Saturday sold out quickly so we would recommend booking ASAP to avoid disappointment.

18th April 12.00 – 13.15 Karma Teen Yoga Workshop – Ness – £8

My Teenage classes are structured a little like an adult class with a warm up, a main section, breath work and a meditation/relaxation. I aim to impart a lot of yoga knowledge throughout the classes and to help them understand what yoga is and why its such a valuable skill to have. I help them build up their own ‘tool box’ of skills to learn more self awareness, regulate their emotions to help them make better choices, build emotional resilience and teaching exam skills amongst other things! There is a serious side to the classes of course, but at all times I try to keep it light hearted and fun, doing sequences to music and adding in partner yoga and a few games from time to time too.

We are constantly looking for new workshop ideas, so if there is something you would particularly like to do, then please let us know and we will see what we can do!

Places on all our workshops are limited and must be prebooked and paid for in advance.  Please book via mindbody link below, pop in and see us, email or telephone to reserve your space.

This page is constantly updated so please check back regularly to see any new upcoming workshops in Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and more.