Gentle Yoga

You don’t have to be flexible to do yoga.  If you are feeling stiff due to a health condition, pain or an old injury, you may find that yoga helps.  Yoga is extremely beneficial for a wide variety of age related conditions such as arthritis.  It can help improve flexibility, balance and strength.  The deeper breathing used in yoga also helps calm the mind and generally enhances wellbeing.

In Gentle Yoga class, you are not expected to sit on the floor.  Yoga can easily be adapted, so many of the exercises in this class can be done on a chair.  We also use yoga blacks and the support of the wall to help with balances and gently stretching out the body.

You will be guided through the class by Zoe, an experienced Yoga Teacher and trained Yoga Therapist who can suggest appropriate adjustments to take into account a variety of health related conditions.

With Gentle Yoga, you synchronise slow mindful movement with the breath and in each session you will:

  • Use breathing techniques that help relax the body, improve lung efficiency and can alleviate tension and pain
  • Learn gentle stretches and movements to mobilise joints, many of which you can do on your own at home
  • Use the support of props, chairs and the wall to gently stretch the spine and open up the torso
  • Finish with a guided relaxation which leaves you feeling calm and rested

The Gentle Yoga class is suitable for older beginners who don’t have the flexibility to get up and down from the floor and anyone wanting to alleviate symptoms of arthritis or other conditions that can impact on joints, flexibility and wellbeing.