‘When the mind and body are still and the heart is open’

Meditation can take us to a place within us where we can go beyond the physical – beyond time, space, and all the conditions and limitations that we impose upon ourselves. The benefits of meditation can be felt physically, mentally, spiritually and may ripple out to benefit our family and community lives.

Meditation requires you to create a safe space for practice, to focus your mind and to consciously allow yourself to experience profound stillness. There are many paths and techniques to achieving this stillness, but the experience of deep meditation itself will be an individual one.

The aim of the Meditation Group at Jordan’s Wellbeing Centre is to create a supportive space in which to practice meditation under the guidance of a qualified teacher.

You will

  • be given a simple 20 minute daily meditation to do at home
  • explore a different method of meditation each week
  • experience guided meditations
  • discover how to raise your energy and focus your mind to deepen your experience
  • develop the techniques of physical and mental stillness (the difficult bit!!)
  • learn more about how meditation works and how regular daily practice will benefit your body and brain ( it’s a ‘no brainer’)
  • enjoy meeting like-minded people and have the opportunity to discuss any questions that may arise in your meditation practice.