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All workshops include a vegan/gluten free snack and fresh ginger/mint tea by Kitchen.

We are constantly looking for new workshop ideas, so if there is something you would particularly like to do, then please let us know and we will see what we can do!

29th June 2-4.30 pm £35

Introduction to Tai Chi – the route to a peaceful and healthy life – Monica Murphy

Articles about Tai Chi appear in the daily papers or online newsfeeds practically every day now. Recent research shows it has all the cardiovascular benefits of a weekly Zumba class, minus the sweat.  Then there’s the potential to improve balance and physical strength, ease aches and pains, improve sleep, help breathing, aid emotional and mental health issues – the list is endless.  Its been around for millennia, but only in recent decades have we in the West become gradually aware of its power and begun to appreciate its joy and its positive effects on wellness.  You may have witnessed practitioners performing this beautiful and tranquil art and become quietly absorbed in its grace and elegance.  Surely it must be the most relaxing of all forms of exercise known to man, even just watching it.  This engaging, almost hypnotic performance, can be your experience too.  The journey to attaining this level of serenity begins with a single decision – to give it a try.  

The afternoon will consist of:

Part One

  • An introduction to good posture, breathing and relaxation
  • A sequence of gentle repeated movements (this style of Tai Chi is called Chi Gong)
  • One or two other, shorter and easier to remember set pieces that you will be able to try at home

Part Two

  • A short introduction to a more modern branch of tai chi which is based on a martial art.

Monica is a Tai Chi instructor with 8 years teaching experience, preceded by 5 full years of training under the auspices of the repected Bao’s Lung Fei Tai Chi Association.  Monica has Grade II teacher accreditation in the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain. 

Important Note:

If the weather is kind we may conduct part of the session outdoors.  So please come prepared -sunhat, sunglasses, suncream, suitable flattish shoes and a light jacket or cardie in case it is on the breezy side.  No special clothing required.

28th July 13.30-4.30 £40

Understanding Props – Hannah Lovegrove and Rachel Lovegrove

Following on from their popular series of articles commissioned by Yogamatters, Hannah and Rachel are holding a workshop for yoga students who want to learn more about yoga props: their purpose, when and how to use them effectively.  Suitable for teachers, trainees and experienced students of all yoga styles, this workshop will give deeper understanding of the principles behind the use of props and the specific functions of each one.  There is a great deal to learn, so bring a notebook!

Part 1: A 2 hour practice using the props – a practical session of asana work taking you through a variety of poses using props, showing how to both depend and enhance the effects of the asana and to help those who struggle with certain poses.

Part 2: Q&A – a 30 minute question and answer session for specific queries about prop usage, how to help students whether in class or in your own home practice.

Rachel and Hannah are sisters who learned yoga as teenagers from their mother.  They later trained and qualified as certified Iyengar Yoga teachers and have both been teaching yoga for over 20 years.  Rachel lives in Southampton and runs  Hannah lives in Dorset where she runs yoga classes and workshops.  She has her own natural skincare range –  Both sisters visit India regularily to study directly the family of BKS Iyengar, from where the in-depth knowledge and application of props was first developed.

Places on all our workshops are limited and must be prebooked and paid for in advance.  Please book via mindbody link below, pop in and see us, email or telephone to reserve your space.